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Diplomatic Immunity for Grace Mugabe?

17 August 2017
Simba Mubvuma  Attorney  Mtetwa & Nyambirai LP, Harare 
On 14th August 2017, it was reported that Grace Mugabe, the wife of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe had assaulted a young woman at a hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg. It was also initially reported that a police report had been made, and that Mrs Mugabe had handed herself to the police. According to reports, she was due to appear at court in South Africa on the afternoon of 15th August 2017. It would later be reported that contrary to earlier suggestions, Mrs Mugabe had not handed herself to police, but had in fact flown back to Harare on a private flight. In the course of the next few days, the whole case was shrouded in mystery, and it remained unclear whether Mrs Mugabe was still in South Africa or had in fact flown back to Zimbabwe as reported. It was subsequently reported by Reuters in the evening of 16th August 2017, that the Government of Zimbabwe had directed a note to the Government of South Africa…

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